Share Your Data on the NSRR

The National Sleep Research Resource (NSRR) is an NHLBI-funded resource designed to host and share data from major sleep cohort studies and clinical trials. All shared study data must be de-identified using the HIPAA Safe Harbor method and must adhere to the data sharing language stated in the participant informed consent. Records and files from participants who did not consent to data sharing must be redacted before submitting to the NSRR.

The NSRR creates a unique space to share and link covariate data, complex physiological data, and quantitative signal (e.g. EEG, ECG) processing results. The NSRR team will guide you through the process of preparing and uploading your datasets to the NSRR.

Uploading data to the NSRR satisfies requirements of the NIH Data Sharing Policy. For future grants, please consider including data sharing language that mentions the NSRR.

What you will do:

What we will do:

To begin the data submission process, please submit this form. An NSRR representative will contact you within two business days.

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