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mhp SF-36 Mental Health Index (0-100) (mh)
omahi3b Supine CHAT AHI (obstructive apneas all desaturations, mixed apneas all desaturations, plus hypopneas with 3% or arousal)
longhyp Longest hypopnea
oahi35 Calculated - Obstructive Apnea (All Desats); AASM Recommended And Alternative Hypopnea (3% Desat) Index
reb CHQ-PF50 Role-Emotional/behavior (0-100)
bmi BMI
ahi3 Apnea / Hypopnea events with >= 3% percent desaturation per hour of sleep
race Race
istrd1 Inhaled steroids for asthma (SHHS1)
rco2blslp Baseline end-tidal carbon dioxide asleep
The new version of the dataset contains wrist-worn actigraphy data
A new PSG dataset from a study among older Asian men has been posted
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The NSRR extends its thanks to Susan Surovec for her contributions to the resource
A new dataset is available with updated EEG spectral analysis results
The official NSRR dataset downloader has been updated!
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