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The National Sleep
Research Resource
Data Sharing Language

We will share data as described in the NIH Policy for subjects studied in this protocol, in accordance with the final guidelines of the individual IRB reviews of this application. We will share all study forms, manuals, and instruments with the scientific community, including the study protocol, manual of operations, training manuals, questionnaires and abstraction forms. We will also share study data through NHLBI's BioLINCC Clinical Data Repository (https://biolincc.nhlbi.nih.gov/home/), and through the National Sleep Research Resource (NSRR; sleepdata.org), an NHLBI-funded web-based resource of sleep studies from major cohort studies and clinical trials, linked to covariate data, signal processing tools, and query tools. Using these repositories, we will plan to deposit de-identified study data (PHI compliant) and associated study documentation. The shared data are anticipated to include information on study outcomes and risk factors. Both derived and summary variables will be provided. Data will be shared for all study participants other than for participants who have not provided informed consent for sharing data. Similarly, we will share deidentifed polysomnograms and actigraphy studies (raw signal data), as well as the results of quantitative signal processing of the EEG and ECG, using the NSRR repository (sleepdata.org). This powerful data sharing mechanism is a robust platform designed to facilitate sharing of sleep data with the scientific community, allowing cross-cohort queries to be conducted, and allowing investigators to download physiological signal data linked to study covariate data.