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Joined Jan 2022
Joined Jan 2022

Hello I know about restarting SHHS dataset.

I downloaded it from last Thursday(7 April), however, it stopped "shhs\polysomnography\edfs\shhs1" "shhs1-202268.edf" file.

So I want to find "https://github.com/nsrr/nsrr-gem"

And I find console manual and I try it same command.

irb(main):016:0> d.download("edfs/shhs1", method: "fast", depth: "recursive") File Check: fast File Regex: nil Depth: recursive

Get your token here: https://sleepdata.org/token Your input is hidden while entering token. Enter your token: AUTHORIZED as

Finished in 1.8321012 seconds.

0 folders created, 0 files downloaded, 0 MiBs downloaded, 0 files skipped, 0 files failed

=> nil


NSRR version is 8.0.0

Ruby version is latest version