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First NSRR Signals Core Seminar - August 31, 2016

The Complex Signals Core is an outreach project of the NHLBI-sponsored National Sleep Research Resource (NSRR) grant. As part of this effort, we are inaugurating a series of seminars with the aim of bringing HMS community members and others interested in the analysis, interpretation, and translational applications of biomedical signals. The first of a series of seminars/workshops will be held on August 31st 2016 at 1 pm in the Zinner Board Room, at 70 Francis Street, Boston, MA. Ary L. Keep reading

By remomueller on August 16, 2016 Aug 16, 2016 in News

A Hearty Thank You

This blog post isn't about a new dataset or tool, but rather an expression of our appreciation for Susan Surovec and her work on the NSRR. Susan recently retired after spending more than 20 years with the Boston Sleep Reading Center group. Susan stewarded the Sleep Heart Health Study, our most popular dataset, from data collection all the way until its posting on the NSRR. Keep reading

By mrueschman on August 12, 2016 Aug 12, 2016 in News

CHAT 0.5.0 Dataset Released

Today we released a new version of the CHAT dataset. There were a handful of tweaks made to the primary CHAT dataset, including the removal of an identifiable variable (recruitment site) and clarification of the household income-related variables. The latter issue was raised by an NSRR user who was attempting to incorporate socioeconomic status into her analysis. Keep reading

By mrueschman on July 22, 2016 Jul 22, 2016 in Releases

NSRR Gem 0.3.0 Released

We've released an updated version 0.3.0 of our NSRR dataset downloader today! You can install or update to using the new gem using the following command: gem install nsrr --no-document Most importantly, the nsrr gem now leverages our new backend API that allows a user to download a single file. Due to limitations in the past, previous versions of the gem only allowed folders to be downloaded. You can try this out with the new gem now! nsrr download shhs/datasets/CHANGELOG. Keep reading

By remomueller on April 25, 2016 Apr 25, 2016 in Releases

Release v0.18.0 Overview - Part 2

In this blog, we'll be exploring the recent changes made to the way dataset variables are displayed on the NSRR. Variable Updates Our variable pages are designed to give you a quick and comprehensive glance at all dataset elements available in a dataset. We see these pages as a guide and reference for you, and hope that they serve you well as you start your research and exploration of the datasets. Keep reading

By remomueller on February 8, 2016 Feb 8, 2016 in Releases

Release v0.18.0 Overview - Part 1

We're excited about our recent major update to the NSRR launched today, and wanted to walk through some of the changes made. This blog post will focus on core changes for the dataset user interface. Dataset Updates The NSRR aims to make data access easy, and we're improving your access to data by giving an at-a-glance view of the datasets you have access to immediately when you navigate to the datasets page on the NSRR. For each dataset, you are now shown your current status of data access. Keep reading

By remomueller on January 20, 2016 Jan 20, 2016 in Releases

Over 20 TB of Data Shared

To date, we have shared over 20 TB of data to over 200 researchers across the globe. Keep reading

By remomueller on November 2, 2015 Nov 2, 2015 in News

Our Second Challenge!

Help fellow researchers by participating in the second Flow Limitation Challenge. Keep reading

By remomueller on October 15, 2015 Oct 15, 2015 in News

Early Adopter Meeting

The NSRR is organizing a meeting with a group of early adopters on October 9th in Boston. Keep reading

By remomueller on September 9, 2015 Sep 9, 2015 in News

Matt Butler - Researcher Showcase

Sex Differences in Sleep Apnea and Novel Sleep Measures to Predict Cardiovascular Risk Today, the NSRR team is taking a moment to discuss the latest sleep research with Matt Butler. Keep reading

By remomueller on June 11, 2015 Jun 11, 2015 in Showcase