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zung_score under General Health/Zung Depression Scale in WSC variables
Summary score for the Zung Depression Scale. Zung WW 1965 (PubMed ID: 14221692) Individual item range from 1 to 4. A total score is derived by summing the individual item scores, ranging from 20 to 80. A score of 70 and above indicates severe depression.Search for all Zung Depression Scale variables within this dataset
zung_index under General Health/Zung Depression Scale in WSC variables
Scaled Zung Depression Scale score used with clinical cutpoints
shq_depression under Medical History in BESTAIR variables
phq_1000 under General Health/Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) in STAGES variables
Summary score for Patient Health Questionnaire 9-item. Each item is scored from 0 to 3, while the total score range from 0 to 27. The PHQ-9 score can be divided into the following categories of increasing severity: Not Clinically significant (0-4), Minimal Symptoms (5-9), Minor depression/Dysthymia/Mild Major Depression (10-14), Moderately Severe Major Depression (15-19), and Severe Major Depression (20-27). Kroenke K et al. 2001 (PubMED ID: 11556941) Search for all PHQ-9 variables within this dataset
famhx_0800 under Medical History/Family History in STAGES variables
Have any blood relatives in your immediate family (which includes brother/sister, father/mother, son/daughter) had any of the following? Depression