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Whether a standard tool is needed

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Yan +0 points · almost 2 years ago

After comparing many PSG records I found that the discrepancies between the annotation results of different technicians were much greater than I had expected. I am not sure how much this variability affects the diagnosis.

Also, it's really hard to get multiple doctors to analyze the same record, and sometimes you have to do it when dealing with ambiguous issues.

So we have developed a web-based edf processing software. Through a browser, the user can parse the EDF file and load the annotations in xml. This software makes it easy to share a record to many people, and everyone can view and edit it at the same time.

Currently this software is mainly used internally in our lab, but we are more than willing to share it for free.

I would like to know if anyone is interested in it.

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mrueschman +0 points · almost 2 years ago

Thanks for using the site and for your willingness to share your tool. Maybe you could host the code on GitHub/GitLab or a similar service? Feel free to post the link here when that's complete!

Some of the NSRR tools in ongoing development have public repositories here: https://gitlab-scm.partners.org/zzz-public

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