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"Unsure" respiratory event annotations

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wganglberger +0 points · 19 days ago

Hi there,

1.) In SHHS annotations-events-nsrr .xml annotation files, some respiratory events are marked as "'Unsure|Unsure". I couldn't find any doc, what does that mean?

I've found the following for MrOS data: https://sleepdata.org/datasets/mros/pages/polysomnography-introduction.md

Hypopnea event tags Hypopnea events are represented by two different tags in the XML annotation files. Events with the Hypopnea tag are hypopneas with a reduction in airflow between 30% and 50% from baseline levels. Events with the Unsure tag are hypopneas with a reduction in airflow greater than 50% from baseline levels. If interested in all hypopneas that have a 30% or more reduction in airflow, both event types should be included. If interested in events with greater reduction in airflow (>50%), use those that were labeled with the Unsure tag. The Unsure tag does not represent uncertainty about the event, but rather was the only custom tag available in the original polysomnography scoring program.

2.) Related question: Is the format/scoring code the same for annotations-events-nsrr .xml files for different datasets from NSRR?

Best, Wolfgang

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mrueschman +0 points · 17 days ago

Hey Wolfgang,

Good question - the "Unsure" events in SHHS are still a bit of a mystery to us as well. Our current recommendation is to ignore these events in SHHS. The "Unsure" tag was not used in SHHS scoring, but may have been inadvertently introduced (on a very limited number of overall events) during various reprocessing steps over the years. From what I recall, a handful of studies have a high number of Unsure events, in which case those individual studies may need to be entirely excluded.

In other datasets, e.g. MrOS, MESA, the "Unsure" tag corresponds to Hypopneas as described in the snippet you copy/pasted.

To your other question, the NSRR XML files should be consistent in their presentation of events/staging, though the underlying scoring rules may differ from dataset to dataset.

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wganglberger +0 points · 14 days ago

Hi Mike,

Great, thank you!