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STAGES ground-truth hypnogram

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YoungseokChoi +0 points · about 1 year ago

Hi, Thank you for your every great contribution!

I would like to use STAGES dataset, especially hypnogram labels, which are recorded as .csv files (for example, stages/files/original/STAGES PSGs/ STNF/STNF00001.csv).

My question is whether those .csv files were scored by sleep experts or the results from the automatic scoring algorithm.

I also tried to find some information about it, but I couldn't find any clear description.

Can you help me with this issue?

Thank you

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mrueschman +0 points · about 1 year ago

Thanks for checking out the site. The records were scored by trained sleep clinic staff members. Someone emailed with a similar question recently. Here's my response:

Thanks for using the site. Yes, the STAGES PSGs were manually scored. The CSV annotation files include sleep staging.

The MOP (https://sleepdata.org/datasets/stages/files/documentation/STAGES%20MOP%202018-08-09.pdf) contains this bit:

The PSGs were conducted using each site’s clinic protocols, and I assume likewise for the subsequent scoring. We didn’t receive detailed information about the sleep centers or scoring staff, but my presumption is that all the sleep centers were AASM-accredited.



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