Sound data and apnea/hypopnea scoring

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[-] Madhvi Upender +0 points · over 1 year ago

What do the Events recorded in the PSG annotation file (xml file with stages) using terms CentralApneaFinding, ObstructiveApneaFinding and HypopneaFinding exactly mean? How are they measured/scored? Technician? What are the thresholds and exact definition? Other events recorded are HemoglobinOxygenDesaturationFinding, SleepArousalFinding, ArtifactFinding.

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[-] mrueschman +1 point · over 1 year ago


Most of the events in the annotation files were marked by a technician. Each dataset should have an overview of the scoring procedures/rules that should provide the details you mention. For CHAT, that documentation exists here:

Let us know if you have further questions. If you want a fuller explanation, I can ask one of our PSG experts to comment. Thanks for using the NSRR!

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