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Raw Accelerometer Data in STAGES

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dkucukahmetler +0 points · 4 months ago


I am a PhD student currently engaged in a project focused on sleep/awake classification. My research involves using accelerometer data for actigraphy analysis, with polysomnography (PSG) data as the gold standard. For this purpose, I have chosen to utilize the STAGES dataset.

However, upon reviewing the STAGES dataset, I was unable to locate the raw accelerometer data. I am reaching out to inquire if this data is included in the dataset but perhaps in a section I might have missed. Alternatively, if the raw actigraphy data is not part of the STAGES dataset, could anyone confirm this? I can see the activeness score from the actigraphy data but I am unsure how this was calculated.

Additionally, if the STAGES dataset indeed does not contain the raw accelerometer data, I would greatly appreciate any recommendations for alternative datasets that include both PSG and accelerometer data. My project relies heavily on analyzing these types of data in tandem, so any suggestions for suitable datasets would be invaluable to my research.

Best wishes,


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mrueschman +0 points · 4 months ago

Thanks for using the site. I believe the STAGES device, the Amazfit Arc (https://amazfit.bg/arc.html), did not output "raw" accelerometry data, but rather data binned at 30-second or 60-second epochs (I can't recall; haven't looked at data recently). Presumably the "activeness" column is some metric of movement, i.e., higher levels mean more activity. The device (evidently) did not output estimations of sleep vs. wake epochs.

Perhaps the MESA and HCHS dataset would be more appropriate for you. These datasets do not include raw accelerometry data either, though the 30-second epoch-by-epoch data do contain sleep-wake estimates. MESA includes concurrent PSG for many subjects.

We hope to share truly "raw" accelerometry data in future cohorts.