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New Forum Auto-Subscribe Feature

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remomueller +0 points · over 9 years ago

We released a new update to the NSRR website yesterday that includes two features we are very excited about:

(1) Auto-Subscribe To Forum Posts

A new setting "Auto-subscribe to new posts" is now available. When enabled, this setting will notify users of new posts, such as this one, in the NSRR daily forum digest. This setting is enabled by default, and can be disabled in your settings if you wish to only receive notifications to posts that you subscribe to manually.

(2) New Data Access and Use Agreement Process

We have simplified our DAUA process to better encourage users to get access to data on the NSRR website. If you have been asked to resubmit, you can now do so through the new online process available at: https://sleepdata.org/submissions.

For students and others who had trouble attaining evidence of IRB review, the process now provides an option to allow the NSRR IRB to do the review of your proposed research. Please note that choosing this option can delay access to the data, and we only recommend this for users who do not have access to their own IRB.

We look forward to hearing from each of you so feel free to post replies and questions in the forum, as we continue to grow this resource for our sleep researcher community!

If you know anyone who may be interested in conducting research, please refer them to https://sleepdata.org, or have them contact us directly at support@sleepdata.org. Thanks!