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MESA Weight/Height/BMI

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benjaminyetton +0 points · over 6 years ago

Hi NSRR, I'm looking through the MESA variables and I don't see a BMI, weight or height variable. Some studies using the MESA dataset have looked at weight, so I believe that variable was collected. Am I just overlooking these variables or were they not included in the NSRR version of the MESA data?

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mrueschman +1 point · over 6 years ago


You are correct - height and weight are not included in the NSRR MESA datasets. This was done at the behest of the MESA Coordinating Center, who already have a well established manuscript/presentation approval process for investigators who wish to use the MESA data. Height and weight data from Exam 5 (concurrent with MESA Sleep) are available from BioLINCC and directly from the Coordinating Center, although those other sources will have their own barriers to entry (e.g. submitting an analytic proposal).

NSRR is the only source for the polysomnography and actigraphy raw data collected in MESA Sleep.