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how to find records for each subject

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Chenty +0 points · over 4 years ago

Hi! I am a researcher working on sleep stage classification. I am currently trying to choose a suitable database for my research. My question is, where can I find the number of records per subject in each database? I can only find the number of subjects now. Does anyone know how to find it? Thanks for help in advance!

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mrueschman +0 points · over 4 years ago

For most datasets you should be able to get an idea of the number of datasets/records by reading the documentation, dataset introduction pages, and looking at variable distributions. For instance, in SHHS, you could look at these links to get a sense of how many subjects participated at each visit.

  1. Dataset introduction: https://sleepdata.org/datasets/shhs/pages/04-dataset-introduction.md
  2. Distribution of gender variable: https://sleepdata.org/datasets/shhs/variables/gender

Thanks for your interest in the site and good luck on your sleep stage classification project.

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