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Mignot Nature Communications

EDF Harmonization Process

Signal harmonization

  • Using Luna, a list of all channel names were extracted from the EDFs for the Mignot Nature Communication cohorts. Subsequently, the channel names in EDF files were changed to a new set of standardized channel names listed on the montage page under "EDF Label".
  • The DHC cohort provided recordings in .mat format, these were converted to EDF
  • A few EDFs contained additional EEG channels Fz_M1, Fz_M2, and M1_M2, these were removed.
  • Polarity checks were performed via Luna. EEG traces in the DHC cohort were flipped to correct polarity, with upwards deflections indicating negative polarity.
  • Several EEG channels were recorded in mV, they were changed to uV.
  • Finally, canonical channels cs_EEG, cs_EMG, and cs_EEG were generated at a sample rate of 100Hz and added to each EDF. The table below lists the channels used as input by Luna.
EEG C4 M1 100
EEG C4 . 100
EMG rchin lchin 100
EMG chin . 100 Using linked EMG
EMG cchin_l . 100 Using linked EMG
ECG ECG,ECG2 . 100
ECG ECG1_2 . 100 Using linked ECG

Annotation harmonization

  • 3 cohorts provided scoring annotations: SSC, CNC, and DHC.
  • SSC and CNC annotations were converted from .sta format to Luna's .eannot format
  • DHC annotations were converted from .mat format to Luna's .eannot format
  • .eannot files were then harmonized. Stage N4 was changed to N3. All .eannot files now have the following staging encoding: wake, N1, N2, N3, REM, unscored
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Mignot Nature Communications