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Cox & Fell (2020) Sleep Medicine Reviews


Drs. Roy Cox and Juergen Fell recently published an excellent review/tutorial manuscript in Sleep Medicine Reviews, providing a useful overview of some common approaches -- and associated pitfalls -- for the analysis of sleep EEG data. Of note, the authors also provided open data and Matlab code, thereby enabling readers to reproduce and better understand the methods. Drs. Cox and Shaun Purcell co-authored a vignette in which they use Luna to reproduce key figures from the manuscript.

Cox R & Fell J (2020) Analyzing human sleep EEG: A methodological primer with code implementation, Sleep Medicine Reviews. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.smrv.2020.101353

The National Sleep Research Resource is grateful to the authors for allowing us to host a public copy of these data.

Data overview

The original Matlab files have been converted to EDF and combined in the following public archives.

Archive Contents Filename
Linked mastoid EDFs (primary) Linked mastoid EDFs (primary) 6 EDFs (3 individuals for N2 & N3) cox_fell_edfs_mast.zip
Common average EDFs Common average EDFs 6 EDFs (3 individuals for N2 & N3) cox_fell_edfs_ave.zip



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Cox & Fell (2020) Sleep Medicine Reviews