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NSRR Cross Dataset Query Interface

We've put up a page that describes how to search across multiple datasets using the NSRR Cross Dataset Query Interface. Feel free to leave us any feedback on the process in the comments below! Keep reading

By remomueller on March 11, 2015 Mar 11, 2015 in News

Getting Started on the NSRR

Welcome to the NSRR! We've prepared a tutorial for you that covers the following topics: Simply downloading large numbers of using the NSRR downloader tool. Generating simple statistics in Ruby using datasets downloaded from the NSRR. Extracting signal channels from polysomnograms in EDF format. If you have issues with any of the steps listed on the tutorial, leave a comment below! Keep reading

By remomueller on January 30, 2015 Jan 30, 2015 in News

The NSRR launched!

Today we launched the NSRR. Keep reading

By remomueller on April 1, 2014 Apr 1, 2014 in News