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Supporting Education with Public Datasets and Tutorials

Today, we launched a series of tutorials for researchers interested in learning how to download and manipulate files programatically.

For teachers, the tutorials are a great place to start with your students, and we encourage you to create and contribute your own tutorials and assignments on the site. We've also created a supporting Learn dataset that has publicly available files referenced by these tutorials. Once you have tried out the tutorials and feel comfortable working with EDFs and other data, we encourage you to request access to any of our full datasets.

We also encourage researchers who want to demonstrate the capability of their tools and expertise to write their own tutorials and submit them on the site. Tools on the NSRR are community-driven and community-curated, so don't forget to leave a review to help contributors to improve the tool documentation, and to highlight well-developed tools for other researchers.

To get started, take a look at these five introductory Ruby programming tutorials:

By remomueller on February 6, 2017 Feb 6, 2017 in News
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