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Sharing Tools on the NSRR

The NSRR is a community-driven repository, which can be leveraged as a platform for presenting novel tools and work in progress to the scientific community by making them available in open source format.

Open access software benefits research teams in terms of visibility and feedback for their work, and the greater scientific community in terms of sharing ideas and speeding up new discoveries and development of more and more sophisticated tools.

We are excited about the interesting new tools that have come to enrich the repository in the last few months thanks to NSRR early adopters and community members:

  • SpiSOP, a comprehensive toolbox that allows a number of EEG analyses including artifact rejection, slow wave and spindle detection;
  • Rapid Eye Movement detector, which calculates REM density and locations based or the LOC and ROC channels;
  • Altamira, a smart display for NSRR EDF signals;
  • actiCircadian, a toolbox for the extraction of circadian pattern features from actigraphy signals;

and many others.

We invite researchers and students to try out the new tools, especially when performing analyses of NSRR data, providing feedback and ideas for improvements, and to share their own tools. Feel free to ask any questions on our forum.

By SaraMariani on February 22, 2017 Feb 22, 2017 in News
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