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Question about EDF Label in MESA.

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404er +0 points · about 2 months ago

Hi, I'm sorry to disturb you. I'm interested in respiration events in MESA dataset and have read Montage and sampling rate information. When I observed the raw data (EDF format) using EDFBrowser software, I had some questions and wanted to ask you for help.

  1. What's the meaning of "Pres" Channel in the EDF Label?
  2. This is no "Aux_AC" Channel in the EDF Label but I find "Therm " Channel (Eg: mesa-sleep-0012.edf, mesa-sleep-0038.edf, mesa-sleep-0589.edf). According to Known issues, we can see that thermistor signal was not reliable. So I was confused and need your help. PS: The signals I downloaded all meet “QuAir=5 , Quxflow=5, QuAbdo=5, QuChest=5, RRespEvPr=0 and ApnHypPr=0” conditions
  3. I have read the document and I would like to confirm that the scoring of respiratory events relies only on Nasal Pressure,Abdomen and Thorax. Is this right? What about thermistor signal?
  4. Thermistor signal is very smmoth and Is that normal?

Thermistor signal

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stephaniemarvin +0 points · about 2 months ago


1) The "Pres" signal was not used when scoring respiratory events. I assume it is a nasal cannula signal that is filtered differently from the "Flow" signal.

2) Most channels have the “Therm” label, there are only 11 EDFs with "Aux_AC". For those 11 studies you can assume that "QuAir=5, Quxflow=5, etc" would be equivalent to studies with "QuAir=5, Quxflow=5, etc" for "Therm".

3) The thermistor signal was used to score apneas.

4) Yes, the example above shows a typical thermistor signal.

Regards, Stephanie

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404er +0 points · about 1 month ago

Ok, thank you very much!