EEG signal analysis

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[-] Iván Sánchez Fernández +0 points · over 2 years ago

Hi all,

I am doing research on EEG data analysis. My purpose is to have the computer and statistics skills necessary to calculate different parameters from a 19-channel EEG. I am well-trained in statistics so I think that will not be a problem. However, I would like to know where it is best to learn EEG signal processing. Is there a book or resource which is particularly helpful? Do you recommend to become familiar with matlab (I am moderately familiar with it already), R, phyton? Do you think the master in medical science at the center for bioinformatics at Harvard Medical School (2 years of formal training) could be helpful or is it essentially focused on genetic research?

Any help appreciated. Thank you very much

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[-] Han heloise +0 points · over 2 years ago

Hi, I am so sorry for my late reply because of the preparation for the IELTS .For me ,the EEG is a tool for my research and the ERP is the most used in my study.Honestly, I am not very good at EEG signal processing and just know the elementary processing about it.As a new-learner, I use the EEGLAB MANUAL for my study.To become familiar with matlab is very useful for the usage of EEG processing,for the function of matlab is so powerful.Absolutely,the master in medical science at the centre for bioinformatics at Harvard Medical School could be very helpful for your research.All of us know that the frontier of the future's research is the genetic research.

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[-] DennisDean +0 points · over 2 years ago

Dear Ivan,

I had some thought after thinking about your post. Since you are a clinical fellow, I would first try to identify existing tools that are used by researchers at your current institution. There are clear research productivity advantages to exploring a well defined hypothesis driven research problem with existing tools. I have found that nothing can compare to learning and working with the data you intend to use with researchers familiar with the tools. I recently met two individuals (one senior and a recent medical school graduate) interested in EEG analysis at your institution. Inbox me if you would like me to make an introduction.

Learning the skills required to extend existing open source data analysis packages or to process analysis result files can be helpful when working in the research environment. There are a wide range of open source EEG analysis packages that one could plan to build computer science/programming skills. As with my previous recommendation, I recommend identifying an expert and dyadic course work targeted at developing analysis/programming skills. My general rule regarding research development/programming is to do as little as possible. Let your research objective drive what support tasks (like programming) are required.

Good Luck, Dennis

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