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digital min/max violations

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shaunpurcell +1 point · over 4 years ago

A handful of EDFs appear to have values outside the range of the digital min/max specified in their headers, which I believe is not permitted under EDF specs [Q4 in http://www.edfplus.info/specs/edffaq.html ] and could cause an issue for some EDF readers.

Affected files: (study_ID) (this is for the EEG and ECG channels)

chat_300420, chat_300298, chat_300539, chat_300640 mros_aa2618, mros_aa2649, mros_aa3601, mros_aa3624, mros_aa3780, mros_aa5006 shhs_202833, shhs_202947, shhs_203716, shhs_204581

Cheers, --Shaun

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