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AUG Meeting March 1, 2014

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DanMobley +0 points · almost 10 years ago

National Sleep Research Resource (NSRR)

Academic User’s Group Meeting and Conference Call Minutes

Monday, March 1, 2014 12pm - 1pm EST


  • Dan Mobley
  • Susan Redline
  • Tricia Tiu

Via Conference Call:

  • C. Johnson*
  • D. Gottlieb*
  • J. Wilson*
  • P. Peppard*
  • S. Warby*
  • S. Surovec
  • A. Goldberg
  • R. Mueller
  • J. Cai

Response to Feedback from Previous Call: S. Redline gave update on the response to feedback from previous AUG call (01/31).

Response to Feedback w/ S. Warby and P. Peppard: In response to feedback from AUG members, S. Warby and P. Peppard, priorities have been focused to providing thorough data dictionaries to allow mapping within cohorts, rather than across cohorts

Updates to Data Resource: SleepData.org will be released to the public on Tuesday, April 1. All SHHS studies will be made available, once users are granted access. SHHS data is linked to BioLINCC using a common ID. CHAT data will be released and made available ~July 1.

New ABOUT page: About page was created for NSRR members and AUG members to introduce users to our team.

New Tools: The purpose of provided tools is to work tightly with data provided in data set. Tools are designed to do ‘pre-processing’ of dataset for users.

  • An EDF (European Data Format) is a somewhat standardized file format that allows the visualization of signals from PSG studies, XMLs contain the scored annotations of the PSG studies. Both can be used separately or overlaid for a more robust analysis.
  • EDF Editor and Translator Tool – Java-based tool de-identifies and normalizes signals by editing EDF files
  • EDF Viewer Tool – Allows users to open and view an EDF file and scroll through signals.
  • Block EDF Loader – Allows users to load an EDF into MATLAB and to access a specific signal present in the EDF file

DAUA Process and Updates: DAUA process has been established. All users must submit a DAUA, along with IRB review/approval, in order to obtain access to the data sets. Each data set will require a separate DAUA from each user. The DAUA grants the user approval for 3-years of access to the data set or until the expiration date, as outlined in the user’s IRB approval.

  • We are looking to streamline DAUA process and try to reduce barriers to the access of datasets while staying within the limits of the different cohort’s and our own institution’s (BWH-Partners) requirements. Since the data is completely de-identified, it can be argued that research using that data would not be considered “human research” and not require IRB review and approval. For now, we will keep DAUA process in place; S. Redline will begin working with cohort representatives to understand what each steering committee and IRB truly requires.
  • S. Redline brought up question of whether trainees or use of data for educational purposes (such as scoring exercises) would be covered under IRB. Should trainees be granted access to dataset without IRB approval unless they plan on publishing papers using data? Would an attestation be more appropriate?

Other enhancements planned: We plan on providing a forum for users to meet other researchers from the community. Strength of forums is driven by users, not by the format of the forum.

Action Items:

  • AUG members review their biography on ABOUT page (https://sleepdata.org/about/aug). Confirm whether information is correct. Send bios to Tricia Tiu (ttiu@partners.org) if you haven’t done so already.
  • AUG members review documentation and provide feedback on anything that is lacking or needs to be emphasized.
  • AUG members will need to go through DAUA process to get access to data. Members do not need to provide IRB approval or review, unless they intend on using data to publish papers.
  • Would members be interested in a get-together at Sleep meeting at end of May?
  • We plan on hosting our first face-to-face meeting in the next 6-9 months, depending on scheduling and availability of key members.
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