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Are the EDF signal labels consistent?

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DennisDean +0 points · over 8 years ago

Are the signal labels consistent? This is the most common question that we receive from colleagues who are planning signal processing projects. The answer is that it depends on the study. Some studies are very consistent. Some studies are designed around a minimal montage like the CHAT study. We recommend that signal labels and sampling rates are checked prior to performing analyses. We developed a MATLAB tool for checking and summarizing the signal content of a folder containing EDF and XML files.

BlockEdfSummarizeFig is a data checking tool and can assist in the preparation for signal analysis projects. The tool is designed to work with NSRR sleep study data . Sleep study files include phsyiological signals (EDF file) and technican scored annotations (XML file). EDF and XML checking are included to insure the files are accessible prior to analyis. The ability to list signal labels and sampling rates provide a way to check contents prior to large scale signal processing projects. Download the MATLAB app, review releases including sample output. Review the source code

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