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benjaminyetton +0 points · almost 5 years ago

Hi NSRR team, I was under the impression that the majority of the datasets available on NSRR used an updated version of R&K for scoring sleep stages. However, I noticed in Purcell et al's recent publication (Quantifying 11K spindles), they state "All studies used American Academy of Sleep Medicine staging, except the SHHS, which used R&K: here NREM3 and NREM4 were collapsed to a single N3 stage, for consistency with the other studies."

This leads me to believe that CCSHS, CFS, MrOS and SOF are scored using the AASM rules.

Is this correct?

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stephaniemarvin +0 points · almost 5 years ago

Hi Benjamin,

Are you mainly concerned if whether the studies distinguished N3 from N4? Or are there other aspects you are interested in?

Thanks, Stephanie