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sh318d under Questionnaires/SHHS2/Sleep Habits in SHHS
Have you ever been told by a doctor that you have a sleep disorder (other than sleep apnea)? 18. What other sleep disorder? (check all that apply) d. Other: please specify
bkgrd1 under Acculturation in HCHS
The self-identification with a Hispanic/Latino cultural group allowed for selection of an 'other' designation. This variable groups the test responses of 'other' for variations of 'Dominican' so that undercounts do not occur for that group.
par2_other under Demographics/Parent and Household Information in CHAT
med2b_other under Medical History in CHAT
med2b_other_rc under Medical History in CHAT
race under Demographics in CFS
'Asian', 'Hispanic', 'Other', and 'More than one race' were condensed into 'Other' to match other NSRR datasets
slh8h_other under Sleep/Sleep and Health Questionnaire in CHAT
Posted by shaunpurcell on May 28, 2019 in Tools
... Naturally, there are many other excellent tools available for ... working with electrophysiological and other signal data, such as ... (e.g. manual staging or other identified events, such as ...
Posted by shaunpurcell on May 28, 2019 in Data Notes
... PCA (but similar to other approaches such as t-SNE), ... different piles to each other.) This approach has been ... effort to use anything other than its default settings) ...
Reply by SaraMariani on December 20, 2016 on Forum
... do not know of other versions of the SHHS ... still make use of other features of this database, ... the spindle power or other bands. Best, Sara ...