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inclusion04 under Administrative/Eligibility in HEARTBEAT
gpaq_level under Global Physical Activity Questionnaire in HCHS
This variable assigns a value of 1 assigned to those with high total physical activity levels, a value of 2 to those with moderate total physical activity levels and a value of 3 to those with low total physical activity levels.
dyslipidemia under Laboratory Measures in HCHS
This variable checks for HDL, LDL, and triglyceride values to determine presence/absence of dyslipidemia.
education_c3 under Socio-demographic in HCHS
This variable is the educational status derived from variable groups of the attainment of a high school diploma or an equivalent degree, not having that degree, or attainment of education beyond a high school equivalent (i.e. college or vocational).
Posted by remomueller on February 8, 2017 in News
... able to easily identify high quality tools and datasets. ... you the researcher with high quality and easily accessible ...
Reply by DanMobley on June 20, 2014 on Forum
... Simon W. requested a high level overview of the ...
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... ability to set a high filter (low band pass) ...
highbp under Administrative/Screening Visit in HEARTBEAT
Question from the Berlin Questionnaire
abbott_hstnl_flag_qns under Measurements/Biochemical Results in HEARTBEAT
abbott_hstnl__pg_ml_ under Measurements/Biochemical Results in HEARTBEAT
Abbott High-Sensitivity Troponin-I test