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MESA presence of CVD

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sleepheart +0 points · about 3 years ago

Hi, I have been looking through the MESA dataset and was wondering if there is a datapoint which identifies whether a patient currently has CVD or not? Additionally where would I find data on the extent to which a patient has Atherosclerosis?


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mrueschman +0 points · about 3 years ago

Hi sleepheart,

Thanks for being a user here. Unfortunately we (the NSRR) are only able to offer MESA data that is related to the sleep exam, which was an ancillary study to the main Exam 5. See the note here: https://sleepdata.org/datasets/mesa

MESA Sleep data are made available in collaboration with the MESA Coordinating Center. We have made polysomnography and actigraphy raw data available for download, along with key sets of MESA Sleep covariates. If you wish to access data from other MESA exams, please visit the BioLINCC MESA Collection or contact the MESA Coordinating Center.

Those resources will have their own data request processes.