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MESA Extracting only Specific Variables

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Novela +0 points · almost 3 years ago


Our group is interested in only obtaining a subset of the variables specified in the file *mesa-commercial-use-data-dictionary-0.4.0.commercial-variables.csv *. For instance extracting only sdnnidx_fn5, svspo25, and bpmavg5 for each patient. In the csv file, it specifies folder location. However, these folders do not exist in the database. How do we get access to these folder or any of these variables listed in the csv file?

Thanks in advance.

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mrueschman +0 points · almost 3 years ago

Hey - thanks for using the NSRR!

The "data-dictionary" CSV files describe the data contained within the mesa-sleep-dataset-0.4.0.commercial.csv dataset (in this folder). That is, the file with "dataset" in the name contains one row per subject and includes columns like sdnnidx_fn5, svspo25, and bmpavg5. You can import the mesa-sleep-dataset into your preferred software package and subset columns from there.