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Explain variable in CFS

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hehaodele +0 points · almost 1 year ago

Dear Sleepdata community,

I am using the Laboratory Tests variables in the CFS dataset in my research. I am very curious about whether there is a detailed explanation of the variables provided in the dataset. I cannot understand the meaning of some variables by just looking at their one-line labels.

For example, for "cbal" (https://sleepdata.org/datasets/cfs/variables/cbal), what does this "Core biochemical assay lab ID number" mean? Similarly, as for "vtdna", what does "Vermont DNA" mean? Also, how were those variables got? Did all of them come from a single blood test?


Hao He

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mrueschman +0 points · almost 1 year ago

These are both administrative variables and likely have no analytic value. CFS specimens were analyzed at a laboratory in Vermont, which is why you see Vermont mentioned in some variable labels.

cbal was an identifier generated and used to label specimens before being sent to the lab for testing. vtdna indicates whether the subject has a DNA sample at the lab.

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