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MrOS Sleep Study

Dataset introduction

The MrOS dataset posted on the NSRR has gone through various post-processing steps in order to prepare the data for more widespread sharing. The dataset was based upon data prepared by the San Francisco Coordinating Center. Changes and updates to the source data and variable definitions have been coordinated in the mros-data-dictionary repository.

Structure of the dataset

The core dataset is broken down into two (2) files that correspond to the MrOS Sleep encounters:

  1. visit1 (Sleep Visit 1) -- the baseline exam conducted between 2003 and 2005
    • 2,911 rows, corresponding to all subjects that had successful overnight polysomnography at this visit
  2. visit2 (Sleep Visit 2) -- the follow-up exam conducted between 2009 and 2012
    • 2,911 rows, though only 1,026 subjects had repeated sleep measures

Data collection forms

The NSRR provides original data collection forms as PDFs. Many variables link to these forms to give users a better idea about the origins of the underlying data.

The forms are included here for historical purposes only and are not intended for use in prospective studies. If you wish to use these forms, please check existing copyrights and regulations beforehand.


Please reach out to us at support@sleepdata.org or in the Forum if you have questions.

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