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Childhood Adenotonsillectomy Trial

0.4.1 (January 19, 2016)

  • Fixed naming convention of several forms
  • Gem Changes
    • Updated to spout 0.11.0
    • Updated to Ruby 2.3.0

0.4.0 (December 17, 2015)

  • Add EEG spectral analysis and HRV analysis datasets
  • Add 'nonrandomized' dataset for subjects with screening PSG, but not randomized
  • Update race3 categories to 1=White, 2=Black, 3=Other (matches other NSRR datasets)
  • Gem Changes
    • Updated to spout 0.10.2
    • Updated to Ruby 2.2.3
  • The CSV datasets generated from a SAS export are located here:
    • \\rfa01\bwh-sleepepi-chat\nsrr-prep\_releases\0.4.0\
    • chat-baseline-dataset-0.4.0.csv
    • chat-baseline-eeg-band-summary-0.4.0.csv
    • chat-baseline-eeg-spectral-summary-0.4.0.csv
    • chat-baseline-hrv-5min-0.4.0.csv
    • chat-baseline-hrv-summary-0.4.0.csv
    • chat-followup-dataset-0.4.0.csv
    • chat-followup-eeg-band-summary-0.4.0.csv
    • chat-followup-eeg-spectral-summary-0.4.0.csv
    • chat-followup-hrv-5min-0.4.0.csv
    • chat-followup-hrv-summary-0.4.0.csv
    • chat-nonrandomized-dataset-0.4.0.csv

0.3.0 (September 4, 2014)


  • Removed extraneous variables (e.g. child_age, eligibility criteria)
  • Add "Treatment Arm" to standard set of Spout graphs
  • The CSV datasets generated from a SAS export are located here:
    • \\rfa01\bwh-sleepepi-chat\nsrr-prep\_releases\0.3.0\
    • chat-baseline-dataset-0.3.0.csv
    • chat-followup-dataset-0.3.0.csv

0.2.0 (August 18, 2014)


  • Removed small set of subjects from dataset due to data being censored by CHAT investigators
  • Clarified key variables like male and ageyear_bin with Data Coordinating Center
  • Improved display names, descriptions, and labels for many variables
  • Set commonly used flag to true for many variables
  • Added unittype variable to distinguish type of PSG equipment used for data collection
  • The CSV datasets generated from a SAS export are located here:
    • \\rfa01\bwh-sleepepi-chat\nsrr-prep\_releases\0.2.0\
    • chat-baseline-dataset-0.2.0.csv
    • chat-followup-dataset-0.2.0.csv
  • Gem Changes
    • Updated to spout 0.9.0.beta1

0.1.0 (July 1, 2014)


  • Created KNOWNISSUES.md as a means to track problematic variables/values in dataset
  • Reached 100% Spout coverage
  • Fixed issue of Sleep and Health Questionnaire variables containing data from two different questions
  • Linked variables to forms
  • Added forms that match paper questionnaires
  • The SAS export script now drops extraneous variables
  • Initial import of the CHAT variables and domains
  • The CSV datasets generated from a SAS export are located here:
    • \\rfa01\bwh-sleepepi-chat\nsrr-prep\_releases\0.1.0\
    • chat-baseline-dataset-0.1.0.csv
    • chat-followup-dataset-0.1.0.csv
  • Gem Changes
    • Use of Ruby 2.1.2 is now recommended
    • Updated to spout 0.8.0.rc3