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Tools for the analysis of sleep data

The NSRR is revamping its Tools pages and needs your help!

  • Have you developed a tool for the analysis of sleep data that you'd like others to know about and use?

  • Do you have some tricks and tips for using existing packages that you'd like to share?

  • What about a write-up listing your favorite tools, explaining how you use them and what's good about them?

  • Or perhaps you'd like to share some data analytic problems that aren't met by existing tools?

If so, we'd love for you to submit a guest blog post in the Tools section.

So, if you've developed a tool and would like exposure, consider creating a small tutorial or non-technical overview to help orient potential users, that can be posted here as a 'guest blog entry'. You can of course link to any existing tutorials, publications or other resources too.

Or perhaps you'd like to write a commentary on the tools available in a given area? What are your favorite automated sleep stagers, or EDF viewers, or Matlab packages for specialized analyses of polysomnography or actigraphy signals? We'd like to encourage constructive reviews, respecting the fact that it can take a lot of effort to produce a tool that is usable by others. Ideally, reviews would help others differentiate between tools and appreciate any quirks or limitations, understanding that some tools may work well for non-technical folk who want to quickly and simply be able to perform one particular analysis, whereas others may be more appropriate for 'power-users'. There is a growing ecosystem of tools out there, and so having a 'guide book' can be useful.

Alternatively, perhaps you'd be willing to describe your own sleep analysis “toolchains”, listing the packages and tricks you or others have developed? Especially if you've used NSRR data, we'd love to hear from you! Did you struggle with some aspects of the NSRR data? If so, it might be valuable to share your experience with others. Got a great way of plotting data from sleep or actigraphy studies? Tell us about it!

Or perhaps you'd like to write about an analytic approach in a published paper (either one written by yourself or others) that you think is particularly clever or useful, and that other NSRR users might be interested in hearing about.

If any of the above sounds of interest, please contact us (support@sleepdata.org) and we can discuss how to work together. Although the NSRR's Forum may be more appropriate for short questions or announcements, for more fleshed-out commentaries, tutorials or reviews, please consider contributing a guest blog entry in the Tools section.

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