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The NSRR Cohort Matrix: An easier way to explore the NSRR datasets

The NSRR is constantly developing new tools to improve its user experience. One of the newly developed applications, as inspired by the Dementias Platform, is the Cohort Matrix.

The NSRR cohort matrix consists of three tabs:

  1. "Cohort Overview" tab provides summary of the key characteristics (e.g. sample size, age range, license, etc.), sleep data availability (e.g. polysomnography EDF files, actigraphy, etc.) and links back to the dataset introduction page.
  2. "Data Matrix" tab shows data availability by commonly used category, such as neuro-behavioral, incident outcomes, laboratory assays, among others.
  3. "About" tab provides examples for each data category.

The cohort matrix can help users to efficiently scan the key characteristics of datasets and identify datasets of interest. For more detailed information about the datasets, please visit the NSRR datasets page.

By yzhang on August 26, 2021 Aug 26, 2021 in Releases
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