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Release v0.18.0 Overview - Part 1

We're excited about our recent major update to the NSRR launched today, and wanted to walk through some of the changes made. This blog post will focus on core changes for the dataset user interface.

Dataset Updates

The NSRR aims to make data access easy, and we're improving your access to data by giving an at-a-glance view of the datasets you have access to immediately when you navigate to the datasets page on the NSRR.

For each dataset, you are now shown your current status of data access. Most datasets require a Data Access and Use Agreement (DAUA) to be filled out in order to download dataset files.

  • Request Access
    • The easiest way to gain access to data is to click Request Access which will launch the guided six-step DAUA process. You can save a draft at any point in the process before submitting.
  • Complete Your DAUA
    • If you started a DAUA, but did not complete the submission process, the dataset will alert you of the incomplete DAUA. You can click this link to finalize your DAUA submission.
  • Under Review
    • Once you've submitted your DAUA, a committee of reviewers votes on accepting or rejecting the DAUA proposal. This usually only takes a few days, but may take up to two weeks for more complex proposals.
  • Resubmit Your DAUA
    • In some cases you may be asked to modify and resubmit a DAUA. Usually this occurs when the proposal lacks sufficient detail. Instructions are provided to address the areas of concern, and after making modifications, you can submit the DAUA for further review.
  • Approved
    • Once approved, you have access to file downloads for the dataset(s) you selected. Clicking on approved will jump straight to the file download page.

Documentation Improvements

We've also greatly reduced the visual clutter on the root dataset page as well as the individual documentation pages.

Each dataset provides a simple overview and quick look at the contents of a dataset. The individual pages have been restyled with a simpler navigation panel and user interface elements to help improve the focus on the content of the documentation.

Variable Improvements

Our next blog post will be dedicated to improvements to our variable pages, but we wanted to mention that a better search algorithm is ready to try out.

If you have any questions or feedback, please send us an email at support@sleepdata.org or leave us a note on our forum.

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