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A New Look for 2017

We're excited to show you some changes that are coming to the National Sleep Research Resource!

Landing Page

First, you'll notice a new landing page. The new landing page is designed to help researchers find data relevant to their research, to provide tools to analyze the data, and to keep you up-to-date on news about the growing NSRR research community.

While the NSRR specializes in sleep signal data, the resource also hosts a large number of supporting data for adults and children in terms of demographics, anthropometry, questionnaires, and outcomes. Many of the datasets on the site also provide links to genotype data that can be found on dbGaP and BioLINCC.

Datasets Page

The datasets page is also being updated to better describe the type of data you will find in each dataset. You will be able to filter existing datasets by age, type of data, and sort by rating and publish date. The new datasets page will also include summary information about each dataset.

Tools Page

The upcoming release improves the ability for community members to contribute tools that are focused on analyzing data hosted on the NSRR. We've had a large demand for EDF Visualization and Signal Processing tools, and we've highlighted some of our own, along with some popular community tools.

We look forward to releasing these changes to our researcher community and welcome any feedback you may have! Leave a comment below, on our forum, or send us an email.

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