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A Hearty Thank You

This blog post isn't about a new dataset or tool, but rather an expression of our appreciation for Susan Surovec and her work on the NSRR. Susan recently retired after spending more than 20 years with the Boston Sleep Reading Center group.

Susan stewarded the Sleep Heart Health Study, our most popular dataset, from data collection all the way until its posting on the NSRR. She has helped hundreds of users better understand SHHS through the extensive documentation she put together as well as her intimate knowledge of the underlying polysomnography data.

... and that's just a single study! Susan played an essential part in many of the other datasets we have posted, including SOF, MrOS, and CFS.

We wish Susan all the best in the future!

By mrueschman on August 12, 2016 Aug 12, 2016 in News
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susanredline +1 point · over 7 years ago

It truly takes a "village" to collect volumes of sleep data, and even more effort to make these data available to the community in a format that is readily understood and accessed. Our "village chief" for many years was Susan Surovec, who so carefully and with tremendous dedication, ensured that the highest levels of quality control were used across more than a dozen large projects! Susan's "fingerprints" are hidden in so many of our files. The Sleep Reading Center (and many users we support) will be forever grateful to such dedication. Thank you, Susan S!

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susansurovec1 +3 points · over 7 years ago

To Remo, Mike, & Dan --- Your posts are very much appreciated and I thank you for your kind words. You all kept me young with your constant creative ideas and better ways of doing things. It has been my pleasure to work with such talent. You were constantly seeking a simple, better way to do whatever task was needed to be done. It’s rewarding to know that those twenty plus years did not result in this data being locked away in some basement storage facility. You’ve done an amazing job and I am thrilled to have been a part of this project. Susan

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DanMobley +3 points · over 7 years ago

Susan--Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge (and wisdom)! We could not have done it without you!

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remomueller +3 points · over 7 years ago

Thanks for all the help you've given over the years Susan! You've joined the ranks of our Past Contributors!