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We are Hiring!

The NSRR is hiring for 2 positions! See below for more information and how to apply:

Project Manager (Job #3224094):

We are looking to hire a talented Project Manager to serve as senior manager of a large NIH funded data repository, the National Sleep Research Resource (NSRR). The NSRR supports hundreds of researchers and trainees around the world in accessing sleep and other research data through a highly interactive and user-friendly portal linked to powerful analytical and visualization tools. The data within this portal is also being made available (migrated) to a national cloud platform, and uses rigorous FAIR standards to promote Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability. In representing and managing the NSRR, the PM will provide day to day managerial support to teams of engineers, computer scientists, research assistants and data scientists, ensuring that the repository and its portal continue to expand in size and usability. This involves coordinating the activities of teams focused on scientific programming, data harmonization, and community outreach. The PM will apply agile methodology and enterprise-level project management by establishing efficient work procedures, assigning tasks to meet the proposed end-user objectives. S/he will formulate strategies and tactics for successful project completion in concert with the Principal Investigators and team leads and each of the work teams (Data Harmonization, Community Outreach, Signal Processing) as well as provide general project management including overseeing regulatory procedures (IRB, data use agreements), preparation of progress and milestone reports, and coordinate communications within the team as well as with various stakeholders, including the NIH and professional societies. S/he will, on a daily basis, ensure that the team is fully functional and productive; enable close cooperation across all roles and functions; remove barriers; ensure that the processes are followed. The PM also will initiate outreach with potential contributors of data, oversee procedures and implementation of robust data sharing procedures, be the direct liaison with the National Institutes of Health and other stakeholders, including informaticians and the professionals in the sleep research community.

Interested candidates can apply here.

Digital Media Program Coordinator (Job #3219493):

Help transform public health in the rapidly growing field of sleep research by fostering a dynamic digital community, facilitating exciting research, and building awareness of powerful tools and data! The Digital Media Coordinator is responsible for performing a variety of media and event coordination, community-building, research, and administrative duties to support the National Sleep Research Resource (NSRR) within the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders. The NSRR is a data repository responsible for expanding sleep research through the sharing of data and tools with the scientific community. The NSRR has over 8500 active members, and engages interested researchers, educators, and trainees to join its community. Members can contribute their own data and tools for sharing, provide information and feedback on ways to improve sleep and physiological signal data exchange and analysis, and offer ideas on how to make NSRR and other resources work best for the scientific community. The Digital Media Coordinator works collaboratively with various team members to engage the user community and conduct outreach activities. The Digital Media Coordinator will be responsible for project and administrative work associated with the NSRR’s contract goals including social media management, event and webinar planning and execution, blog post development, creation of educational materials for users, and reporting of key metrics including citations across cohorts. This position reports to the Program Manager. The Digital Media Coordinator will be part of the Outreach Team comprised of the co-Principal Investigator, Team Lead, Program Director, and Research Manager, and will interface with other teams periodically. Opportunities for development beyond the direct scope of the position will be available, including attendance of Grand Rounds, Sleep Seminars, NIH-hosted webinars, and MGB/BWH-hosted events and trainings.

Interested candidates can apply here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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