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NHLBI Continues Its Support of the National Sleep Research Resource

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) has announced that the National Sleep Research Resource (NSRR), hosted by Brigham and Women's Hospital, was awarded a five-year contract, facilitating an expansion of capabilities and providing support for increased community involvement. The NSRR will be transitioned to a cloud-based platform that is compatible with BioData Catalyst, NHLBI's developing cloud-based data platform. This contract will sustain the NSRR's service to the sleep research scientific community, through expanding its offerings of sleep data, standardized vocabularies, and data exploration tools.

"NIH's investment in NSRR will ensure that the NSRR will be sustained as a growing resource to the sleep medicine community, amplifying the NIH's initial investments in research sleep studies,” said Susan Redline, primary investigator on the contract. Co-primary investigator, Dr. Shaun Purcell is likewise optimistic that this initiative will similarly provide a boost for sleep research, noting that, "sharing data and tools between research groups – at national and international levels – has been intrinsic to recent advances in other biomedical fields, including human genetics.”

The NSRR's goals are to accelerate the discovery of predictive biomarkers of disease incidence and progression and to facilitate science that addresses critical questions regarding susceptibility to sleep disorders and subgroup differences not possible using data from single cohorts.

By NSRR on April 23, 2020 Apr 23, 2020 in News
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